If you like to enjoy a real mediterranean capital in a just a couple of hours drive from Taormina, full of several monumentes and chuerches and rich of elegant streets with luxurious shops, You can enjoy a full day exploring PALERMO and its area:
Palermo is the capital and the most important city of all Sicily located between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Conca D’oro Mountains.
We start to approach the city walking the Medieval area of Palermo where the main features are from Baroque and Arabian-Norman period. We visit “Piazza Pretoria” with its beautiful Renaissance fountain – the heart of the city, called: “Quattro Canti” – the magnificent Cathedral – “San Cataldo” church and son on…
Then we’ll continue on foot to visit San Giovanni degli Eremiti one of the best known Norman monuments built by Roger II and the Palazzo dei Normanni.
Next, we’ll move on to the village of Monreale, driving along a wonderful road overlooking the “ConcaD’Oro” valley. We will visit the magnificent Duomo of Monreale and the “Chiostro dei Cappuccini”. Time permits we can visit the famous open market “Vucciria” or “Il Capo” – the Cappuccini Catacombs – Zisa Castle
and so on…
We can be very flexible in our itinerary of this tour and with a shorter visit of Palermo, we can add the extra visit of the town of Cefalu`.




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Cover Photo by Salvatore Galle at Pixabay

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